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Farmers' Markets

Looking for fresh, organic produce? Look no further than Sunrise Organic Farm! Our all-organic farm provides the healthiest and most delicious vegetables for your eating pleasure.

Join us at our farmers markets, which run for a few months out of the year in Portland, OR, and taste the difference that organic farming can make.



Portland State Farmers Market

8:30 am- 2 pm April-November

9 am-2 pm November-March

Portland State Farmers Market is a wonderful market bringing you a variety of different products for you to try. This friendly environment is why we love doing this Market, kind people, kind vendors, and something delicious anywhere you go! 

May- October

Shemanski Park Farmers Market

10 am- 2pm

Shemanski Park Farmers Market is every Wednesday May-October. This market is perfect for the mid-week grocery stock up and perfect if you prefer smaller markets rather than bigger ones. With live music, amazing food options, and super kind vendors bringing you lots of goodies!

First Alternative Co-op In Corvallis, OR

New Seasons Market

If you miss us at market don't worry! You can also find our produce at the North or South First Alternative Co-op located in Corvallis, OR. As well as your local New Seasons Market. 

About our Market Moola

If you're passionate about healthy and organic vegetables, then a Market Moola is perfect for you! Market Moolas are a good way to show your support to Our Farm. For just $100, you'll get $110 worth of Sunrise Bucks! Giving you access to some good quality produce from our booth. The best thing is if you don't use it all up, it will still be valid as long as we are participating at any Farmers' Markets!

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